1. Software Solutions.
  2. Our software division focuses on development of custom required software solutions. We serve different industry verticals: Retail stores, Financial firms, Product companies, Restaurants & Food courts.

  3. Hardware and Software solutions for assembled PCB functional testing.
  4. It can be a mass produced computer mother board which needs post production testing. We serve both hardware systems and software solutions in this category.

  5. Hardware and Software solutions for POS system for high way toll collection.
  6. Our POS [Point Of Sale] software solutions makes Highway Toll Collection process easy. Automated POS systems have OCR scanning facility through which vehicle and registration number will be captured and toll bill will be generated automatically. Lets make the world smarter!

  7. Hardware and Software solution for Retail POS.
  8. Retail POS Made Easy: Our POS systems makes sales management easy and cost effective. Also these POS solutions can be easily customized to your business requirements.

  9. Hardware and Software solutions for Data storage.
  10. Storing and Managing Data is a critical part of business. SR Electronics provides hardware and software solutions for data storage.

  11. Electronics PCB Repair solutions.
  12. We are one of the leading players in Industrial Electronic Repair, Service and Maintenance. We are specialized in repair and rework of any electronics equipment or printed circuit board [PCBs].
    Repair Solutions: Our PCB repair solutions are unique and makes component level servicing easy.