2 Microlog Analyzer AX -CMXA 80
The new Microlog AX takes route based
data collection and stand-alone analysis to
a new level. With its four-channel performance,
flexibility to choose and add applications modules
and a wide screen providing fast and easy data
display, the Microlog AX is big news.
snt Microlog Series Analyzers
Unmatched versatility, reliability and functionality
have made the Microlog Analyzer series of data
collectors the premier choice for portable, hand-held
condition monitoring units. Designed to help users
establish or upgrade an existing condition monitoring
program, Microlog Analyzers handle the tasks
required to perform predictive maintenance on rotating
machinery in countless industries.
3 Microlog MX series-CMXA 44
The Microlog MX series represents anew concept
in vibrationanalysis instrumentation. The MX
re-defines traditional approachesĀ to vibration
analysis and simplifies industrial maintenance,
servicing and inspection techniques.
4 Microlog CMXA 51-IS-ATEX intrinsically safe
The Microlog CMXA 51-IS, an intrinsically safe,
rugged and portable, hand-held instrument, allows
for the collection of vibration, process, and dynamic
data in hazardous environments. Such industries
include petrochemical, water treatment and
pharmaceutical, as well as others where IS
regulations apply.