S.R.Electronics has a team of experienced engineers, who have over  20 years of experience in the field of electronics and electrical engineering.

Our line of activities includes:

  • – Sales and Servicing of SMT production equipments for EMS companies
  • – Sales and Servicing of power equipments such as, diesel generators, UPS and controle switch gears
  • – Sales and Servicing of professional equipments for power quality inspection and power saving panels
  • – Cable harnessing
  • – Sales and after-sales services of solar power modules for lighting

Our sales and services start with:

    • – Suggesting the right kind of equipments and giving complete solutions
    • – Catering to companies in providing
    •      o Power and security solutions
           o In circuit test solution for PCB assembly
           o Customized test system
               o Static / dynamic simulator solution.

The major strength of S.R.Electronics is our service support.

  • – We have an excellent team built over years to take care of after-sales services.
  • – We have dedicated and trained engineers to support our customers.
  • – We have 24×7 telephonic support to our customers.
  • – Many Japanese companies hire our services for the installation of equipments and maintenance for their joint ventures in India.

S.R.Electronics stocks major spare parts for different machineries. This has helped us in the past for responding to many customers within the stipulated time. Stocking of spares adheres to the policies specified by the Government of India.